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Pullman Tour


Tour the Historic Pullman Neighborhood and National Monument

In 1881, George M. Pullman built the Nation’s first planned industrial community with housing, parks, schools, civic spaces, commercial buildings and an industrial complex all designed to provide a pleasant working and living environment for his workers. Pullman’s experiment in community planning and industrial order was declared “the World’s most perfect town” and attracted visitors from around the world. Pullman’s experiment however could not prevent growing labor unrest fueled by one of the worst economic recessions in our Nation’s history. Lower wages coupled with maintenance of rent collection resulted in the Pullman strike of 1894. Pullman’s stories are so reflective of the quest for a greater America that in February, 2015, Pullman was designated a National Monument by President Obama.

Wednesday, September 27th
Pullman National Monument Visitor Center
11141 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, IL


  • Tour of Visitor Center which includes memorabilia from George Pullman’s Prairie Ave. mansion
  • Learn about state and federal preservation efforts and educational opportunities with members of the Park Service and Historic Pullman Foundation
  • Guided Walking Tour of major sights throughout the neighborhood including:

The Greenstone Church
Factory Complex
Hotel Florence
Market Hall
The Dunbar House (Residence of the Superintendent of the Car Works)

CPDU’s available
The walking tour will take approximately 2 hours. Please wear comfortable shoes.
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